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YOUNG ADULT: Switch, by Allen Kent

I particularly enjoyed the narration of this book. Gryphon Corpus makes it sound like she’s multiple characters telling a story of something that actually happened to them, rather than a narrator reading a book out loud. She also captures the different characters quite well, and you immediately know who is speaking as she works her way through the story.

     - Margaret, Audible listener

YOUNG ADULT: Salty Crisps, by Meg D. Gonzalez 

The story is good, but the narrator is the real highlight. Gryphon Corpus is an extremely talented storyteller. She managed to capture the essence of each character, presenting them as individuals rather than just various voices. The shift between each is seamless, and the delivery of their unique voices and tones performed like a seasoned professional. The accent work is smooth and natural sounding. She even managed to pull off a slight Southern accent blended into a British one, as befit one character. Amazing!

Corpus is a name to remember. She is going to be producing excellent work and earning awards in short order.

     - Dan Delgado, VO actor and Audible listener

HISTORICAL FICTION: The Whitlock Trilogy, by Allen Kent

When I solicited auditions for my "Whitlock Trilogy" in historical fiction, I received over a dozen, but was immediately taken by the beautiful, expressive voice of Gryphon Corpus. Gryphon produced all three of the Whitlock books for audio and never disappointed. In addition to the captivating narration, her research was thorough, her accents spot-on, and she met every deadline. She even called a Paiute tribal leader to make sure she was pronouncing several Native American words correctly! All three finished products exceeded expectation. I could not have been more pleased, and the response from listeners has been equally enthusiastic.

     - Allen Kent, bestselling author

YOUNG ADULT: Offline, by Brian Adams

Gryphon was such a joy to work with as she narrated our YA title Offline. She so embodied the character of Meagan, a technology-addicted teenager sent to live on her hippie grandpa's farm for the summer. Beyond her awesome performance, Gryphon was a fantastic collaborator in the audiobook creation process. She was very helpful as our small press navigated some contract issues and remained in close communication for the duration of the project. She's reliable, talented, and kind—thanks so much Gryphon!

     - Emma Irving, director of digital services, Green Writers Press

WOMEN'S FICTION: Leaving the Beach, by Mary Rowen

I felt that Gryphon Corpus did a great job as narrator in this story. Her expressive voice brought the characters to life and this helped to further depict the complexities in this story.

     - Laura, Audible listener


HUMOR: The Definitive, Hip-Hop, Interracial, Ghetto Porn Story, by Gene Penny

Wow! What a phenomenal job!!! I am so proud to have collaborated with such a professional.  What a f**king performance, Gryphon! Seriously, BRAVO!!!!!!!!​

     - Gene Penny, Author




The Art of Feminine Spiritual Leadership, by the Rev. Dr. Sara Shisler Goff

The book is focused for female religious leaders. A friend recommended it, saying it had insights for those of us not particularly religious as well. I would agree with that; much of what is highlighted can be used in fortifying your personal female leadership philosophy. I found the narrator really added to my enjoyment of this book . She had just the right presence for the material.

     - Audible listener